Pricing, Terms & Confidentiality

My current fee is £60.00 per one hour session.

Following the initial meeting and assessment, if you want to continue with a psychotherapy process I will be available to meet you on a regular basis. Depending on what we feel your needs are, these sessions might be weekly, fortnightly, or twice weekly and will be at the same time each week. Most commonly, our meetings will be weekly.

Once we begin the psychotherapy, our meetings will be at the same time each week and will be reserved solely for you. Except for holiday breaks, I have a general expectation that you will attend our sessions, without cancellations. I will likewise make a similar commitment to you.

If you, or I, need to be away for some unavoidable reason I will try to offer an alternative time for us to meet for that week although I cannot guarantee this. I will ask for the full fee to be paid for sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

With regard to ongoing psychotherapy, extended absences or regularly missed sessions will make the process more difficult for you and is likely to diminish its effectiveness. Therefore, I will ask you to carefully consider your ability to meet the requirements mentioned above before beginning psychotherapy.

In respect of shorter-term therapy concerning a particular problem, or personal and professional consultations, our meetings could be more flexible and open to negotiation regarding timing and regularity. This is also true of meetings with couples, which will tend to be more short term and flexible.

Confidentiality and Professionalism

I will consider the existence of the psychotherapy relationship, in itself, as absolutely confidential. This also extends to the content of sessions, all information divulged and to any information regarding the process of the psychotherapy. Limits to this, otherwise absolute, confidentiality are threefold, namely:

1. That I may, from time to time, discuss the process of the psychotherapy with a colleague as a means of clarification for myself. This would likewise be within a wholly confidential, professional consulting relationship and your personal details will not be revealed

2. I will not be able to maintain confidentiality in respect of specific and credible knowledge of actions which are against the law or may result in significant harm to yourself or others

3. That I am required to disclose information by a court of law.

I am currently a full, accredited member of the European Association for Psychotherapy and am an accredited Psychotherapist with the Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapy. I am also registered with the Health Care and Professions Council and fully insured for all professional risks. I am signatory to the Codes of Ethical Principles, Codes of Practice and Complaints Procedures of each of these organisations.

For more information or to arrange a consultation: Call: 07910 936068 | Email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

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