My main training was at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy in the late 1980's and, following professional developments I now work from an integrative and eclectic approach. I was awarded a Master's degree in Psychoanalytic Studies from Sheffied University in 2007 and so have a background which spans both the humanistic and psychoanalytic schools of psychotherapy.

I began my working life in property development; training and working in central London as a Chartered Surveyor. I found this to be invaluable experience in my own development, in gaining an appreciation of business systems and analytical discipline though, perhaps paradoxically, it led me to a desire to work more closely with people.

The next stage was my training and working as an Occupational Therapist within the NHS, in the fields of addiction and mental health. A growing fascination with philosophy and my own emotional and psychological life was further kindled during this time, leading me to engage in a personal psychotherapeutic journey and eventually to psychotherapy training. My initial psychotherapy training was undertaken with the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy between 1988 and 1993 and I have since worked in private practice.

Over the years, I have maintained a deep attachment to creative arts and crafts and have run small businesses designing and making stained glass windows, silver jewellery and other artifacts. In my spare time, I take part in triathlon events for fun and as my experience has shown me that physical, emotional and psychological health are intimately related and dependent, one upon the other.

In addition to my original psychotherapy training with the Chiron Centre I have subsequently attained a Masters Degree in Psychoanalytic Studies from Sheffield University. Therefore I consider myself to be well grounded in both Humanistic/Existential and Analytic disciplines and work from an integrated position. I am a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist and a full member of the Chiron Association of Body Psychotherapists in the category of Psychotherapist. I am a signatory to the Codes of Ethical Principles, Codes of Practice and Complaints Procedures of both of these organisiations.




Currently, my workload in this country is divided between individual and couple psychotherapy, teaching, coaching and supervision. I lead a regular long-term psychotherapy group, and a number of training and clinical supervision groups in several locations throughout Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.



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John Waterston, MA

UKCP accredited